Why the hotel got a new roof from B & H Construction

Why the hotel got a new roof from B & H Construction?

Hotel owners underestimate how clients are always on the lookout for salient hotel features. A leaking roof will be a source of constant complains. Dirt stains on roofs are a turn-off to clients too. Besides being bad for business, an old, un-repaired roof gives a bad image to the hotel’s brand. Returning customers are more likely to notice defects in the roof structure more than one-time ones. This is because they are in and out of the hotel. Ask any hotel manager how hard it is replacing a loyal customer, and you will know why you shouldn’t provoke them. As a hotel owner, I was making the same mistake. This is Why the hotel got a new roof. Luckily, I noticed before it was too late. One thing that I believe in is that it is way easier to retain a loyal customer than acquiring a new one. You and the hotel staff have one role – to please the customer. Is your roof doing the same?

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